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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Escuela Union Centroamericana, Loma Alta Norte, Honduras

BBW volunteer, Alice, resting after a long, bumpy ride to get to the school
about half of the schools books, all donated by BBW
This 2 room, 51 student school, is headed by Hugo Martinez, a long time friend of Books for a Better World. For at least the past 5 years Hugo had been the director of schools for the entire region of Santa Lucia, and was the trusty guide who took BBW volunteers to all of the schools in the area. But due to some recent political changes in Honduras, Hugo is now back in the classroom. While it was a hard transition at first, we could tell that he loves being back in the classroom, and the kids love having him there, too.

The books we have brought in the past years are very well organized, by grade level even! The 2 classrooms contain 2nd, 3rd, and 6th graders in one room, with 1st, 4th, and 5th graders in another. This way the older students can help the younger students.

This small school is way up in the mountains, which provides beautiful views, but a long trek up a terrible road to get there. Most of the children live off of subsistence farms in the area, and even though they are only about an hour from the urban capital of Tegucigalpa, their lives feel like a million miles away.

One thing they have in common with the city kids -- they LOVE Dora la Exploradora!

This school was visited by volunteers Kira and Alice Gartell in July 2011.

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