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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Escuela Marcos Carias Reyes and Jardin Rayito de Luz, Honduras

Alice helping a student read about animals
Escuela Marcos Carias Reyes 3 room school with grades 1-6. Of the 12 students who will graduate from 6th grade this year, only half will continue with their education.  For the others, the high school is just too far away and too expensive for them to be able to attend. They will most likely help their family on their subsistence farm. 

But the kids were enthusiastic about the new books, and loved helping us read the new ABC book, full of animals and tongue twisters. 

While we have been donating to this school for several years, we just found out this year that there is a new kindergarten down the road with twelve little 5 year olds. Luckily we always bring some extra books with us, and so of course we just had to stop by to give them some story books!

For some of these kids this may have been the first time
they had been read a story from a book.
The teacher had not a single book to read to the kids. What she did have was a few CD's with books on tape. The teacher would listen to the stories on her own, and then retell the stories to the kids in the most interesting way that she could. We were only able to leave a dozen or so new books for this little school, but we know they will get good use until we can bring them more next year.

These schools were visited by volunteers Kira and Alice Gartell in July 2011.

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