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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Escuela Canton La Concepcion, El Salvador

Our faithful driver, Don Pabel took us to the Centro Escolar Canton Concepcion, where we were greeted by lots of kids wanted to read!  This K-7 school has the lower grades meet in the morning, and then the older kids have school in the afternoon, for a total of 113 kids in 3 rooms.

Pabel's trusty truck that takes our volunteers to the schools,
and their muddy futbol field.
 There is no running water, and only 1 room has electricity. They are hoping to be able to work with the mayor of the nearby town, San Pedro Puxtla, to be able to get more electricity in the future. The government doesn't supply much, a few textbooks and a meager lunch is about it. We noticed some drums in the corner of the library, which were so they can have music classes.
Most of these books are textbooks.
We are working on getting the books more accessible for the kids.
This is the 3rd year that Books for a Better World has visited this school, and their reading program is definitely growing. The students now have time every day for reading. They can choose their own books from the few that they have. The books are just stacked on shelves for now, so we are trying to work with them to get them organized by grade level, and also so the kids have better access to them.
Welcome! Kira reads a silly story about dinosaurs to the kids
Of the 14 who will graduate, the director said only 5 or 6 will continue on to high school. This is due to the distance and cost of continuing education. But at least they have these books to enjoy while they can.

"The Snoring Bear" was a favorite this year
This school was visited by volunteers Kira Gartell and Erik Wennstrom in July 2011.

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