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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jardín de Niños El Edén, Honduras

I had been to this area before, and Books for a Better World had been to this little preschool, El Edén, in the past, but for some reason I did not make it here the previous year. But when I entered this little room full of smiling children, I was greeted by what seemed like an old friend, Florinda. She is the vibrant teacher at this preschool, and last year she also happened to be our guide taking us to several schools when Hugo, the previous director of schools for the region, could not make it.
Door decoration

Florinda is at home with all 14 little ones, 4-5 years old, and just by one look you can tell that the kids lover her as much as she loves them. The school and the children don't have much, but Florinda makes sure that these kids are learning, and having fun while doing it.

The day I went there was the day after El Dia del Lempira, and national holiday celebrating the native Lempira, a war captain of the Lencas of western Honduras in Central America during the 1530s, when he led resistance to attempts to conquer and incorporate the region into the province of Honduras. Well of course as soon as I got there the kiddos had to stand and sing me the new song they learned to commemorate this day. Under Florinda's guidance, they continued on to sing other cute songs for me, some about animals where they got to pretend they were elephants and make motions like they had a trunk.
I think we almost doubled their collection of books!

But most importantly, they sat patiently and intently as I read stories from new books to them, their eyes wide in amazement of what they were hearing (or maybe they were just in awe of who was reading the stories, me, a strange looking lady with a strange accent). Either way, they were enchanted. We read counting books with animals, and they were eager to count all of the little bugs on the page. They could even tell me which number was coming next.

Most public preschools in this area are separate entities from the elementary schools, but are in an attached or close by building so they can share some resources, but this one is a little further away, so they don't get to share books as much. They had a little bookshelf of well read books, and we were very happy to get to add to their selection.

Volunteer Kira and teacher Florinda in the back, with the proud new book owners in the front!

This school was visited by volunteer Kira Gartell in July 2001.

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