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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Escuela Barrio Santiago, Cubulco

Escuela Barrio Santiago is a school located in the town of Cubulco, Guatemala. Books for a Better World has been visiting this school for almost seven years now and their excitement for reading has never waned. This year was no exception. Volunteers Amanda, Annalisa, Dax and Allen arrived to the school just as classes had begun. The children at this school are no strangers to Books for a Better World volunteers--they knew exactly what treasures were contained in the brown box, BOOKS!

As evidence of the dedication that this school has to reading, the school principal worked with the parent/teacher organization to construct a special cart in which books are housed. This works especially well for this school because it is built on the side of a steep hill. The cart can be easily moved from classroom to classroom to allow all of the students access to the books. It is obvious that the books are well "loved" because many of the pages are heavily worn--especially on the older books.

Because this is one of our larger sites (in terms of number of students) we decided to take some special BIG books for this school. The kids loved the big books! We are excited to report that 2011 has been another successful year for Escuela Barrio Santiago!

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